Green Angel CBD Topicals and CBD oil creams cover a wide range of products that are made using the hemp oil extract from organically grown and harvested CBD flowers. From CBD Lotion Stick to CBD Body Butter, our products are used to provide relief from different skin conditions and alleviating muscular pain. People have been using salves infused with plant-based oils for thousands of years, and we have made it way better with the use of hemp oil extract in our CBD topical products.

Besides a plethora of CBD oil creams benefits, what REALLY differentiates us from the rest of the skin care and treatment products is the use of ONLY organic ingredients. Unlike the harsh chemicals used in skin products, we utilize natural elements such as essential oils, beeswax, and honey alongside our pure organic CBD oil extract.

You can directly buy CBD topicals or other CBD based products including CBD Oil, CBD Gummies, and CBD Pastes from this website of our CBD NYC based store and have them delivered to you quickly.