Green Angel’s thousands of happy customers believe that our premium quality CBD paste stands out from the crowd and once you try it, you will too. The paste is made from organically grown and cultivated CBD flowers that are meticulously processed with utmost expertise producing one of the best organic CBD pastes available on the market.

At Green Angel CBD, we make sure that the quantity of THC is very low in our pastes, so our customers experience no psychoactive effects from our Paste while getting all CBD benefits from it. Furthermore, our pastes are manufactured under strict quality control and with the supervision of a licensed medical expert that ensures the top-notch quality of all of the batches of our CBD Pastes.

The reasons that we’re well-known in the CBD industry is because we keep tight control over the quality of not just the pastes but also all of our products including CBD Oil, CBD Gummies, and Different CBD Topical products.

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