Hemp bust, NYPD – The Battle We Will Fight

 I am sure if there is one thing we could agree upon it would be that CBD products have taken the health industry world by storm and are here to stay. They have become part of our lives and dramatically improved it with all the almost miraculous health benefits. Numerous conducted studies stand by it and are direct proof.

The products at our Green Angel CBD shop range from CBD oil, CBD paste, CBD Vape, CBD Flowers, Water Soluble CBD, CBD Topicals, and edible CBD. Yes, as you can tell, we have something for everybody. Our team is on a mission and with a single goal – Improving the lives of our customers. We are devoted to easing up your daily struggles.  We have the knowledge, the passion, and the skills. All of our products found in our online Green Angel CBD shop have the highest quality and are 100% natural. On top of everything we`ve mentioned, every single one of our products is legal in all 50 states.

These are the reasons why when our 106 pounds (48 kilograms) shipment of industrial hemp was busted by the New York City police, we were furious. Hemp bust nypd made a huge mistake.

Our plants were grown by a Vermont farm and had all the viable documentation which proved it was all 100% legal. The law states that the THC level should be under 0, 3% and our tests which were done by a third party company proved just that! Our hemp shipment was certified to contain 0, 14 % percent THC which equals legal. Not familiar with THC? THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the chemical in cannabis that causes people to get high. Of course, hemp bust nypd had done some tests, but unfortunately, field tests used by law enforcement officers aren’t sophisticated enough. Now, we do realize because of the similar appearance (after all they are from the same family of plants; same species of the plant just the active compound is different) misunderstanding can appear but simply because of that we`ve dedicated great amount of care to make the needed documentation visible and in every single box. On top of this, a week prior to the hemp bust nypd the police department in Vermont investigated the shipment and claimed to be a legal one. They did their part correctly. They`ve read our documentation and knew immediately it was hemp instead of marijuana. However, hemp bust nypd were negligent and unprofessional on their end. They choose to ignore the paperwork which was critical.

On our path, we the Green Angel CBD have helped people in need who suffered from all sorts of conditions such as cancer, autism, pain, arthritis, severe skin issues, sleep deprivation, and mental illnesses. And in return to our legitimate business and noble goal and mission, we`ve received a slap in our face with the hemp bust nypd. We`ve received disgrace, disrespect, public indignity, and humiliation which is something we cannot accept.

One of our employees who is specialized in pet CBD was literally ambushed and arrested while in the meantime pictures of the hemp bust nypd were posted online across various social media platforms. Our legal busies had turned into somebody else`s invalid trophy and we were treated like criminals or more specifically drug dealers.

However, we at Green Angel CBD will fight this battle! We and so does our legal business are here to stay. We are here to stay because we are dedicated to our mission to help people as much as we can!

We want to make everybody`s life much easier and better and we won`t quit until justice is served!


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