Give Your Skin a Rejuvenating Feel with Green Angel CBD Salve

At Green Angel CBD, we’re constantly dreaming up and formulating new and effective ways to provide your body with the cannabinoids that it craves.  That’s why we’re so excited to introduce our Green Angel CBD Salve, which is a topical formula that packs a serious punch of natural plant compounds capable of offering relief in an abundance of exciting ways.  As you’ll see, we’ve gone above and beyond to develop a salve formula that truly gets the job done.

Adequate Cannabinoid Levels for Maximum Effectiveness

What many CBD companies don’t want you to know is that the number of milligrams in a hemp product most dramatically affects how much the product can actually provide relief.  Too many brands are getting away with labeling their topicals as CBD products, despite barely putting in enough hemp extract to actually allow those cannabinoids to do what they’re best at.

Our CBD salve is different.  We packed it with the perfect amount of hemp extract to ensure that each and every application sends cannabinoids directly to cannabinoid receptors in the skin, muscles and joints for maximum effectiveness.  High-potency topicals don’t put you at risk of overdose, and higher milligram strengths can only offer more hemp power.

Properly Extracted Terpenes for Added Plant Properties

As you may or may not know, the extraction method used for creating an extract from the hemp plant material greatly determines how bioavailable it is.  While a lot of companies settle for cost-effective solvent-based methods, we proudly employ the CO2 extraction process which yields a cleaner, stabler and more bioavailable product.  Further, our hemp extract naturally contains the abundance of terpenes found in the hemp plant, which offer additional, incredibly useful properties when applied to the skin.  Many of these terpenes are anti-inflammatory and antibacterial and may be able to soothe the skin as well as the muscles once absorbed.

Natural, Plant-Based Ingredients that Soothe and Heal the Skin

Hemp may be the star ingredient of our salve, but that’s not all that you’ll find in this stellar formula.  We created a recipe based on our deep understanding of botanicals and herbs, ensuring an all-natural formula that is gentle, yet provides you with the healing power of mother nature.  These ingredients go further to fully moisturize and hydrate the skin so that you can feel as smooth and soft as can be.

Non-Greasy and Fast-Absorbing

Too many salves that you’ll come across are greasy and slow to absorb, which makes applying them unpleasant.  Further, the longer a product sits on the skin rather than absorbing into the tissue, the less likely it is that those compounds will actually do what they’re supposed to.  And besides that, no one likes the feeling of something sticky sitting on their skin for hours.

Our salve is wax-based, as all salves are, but we used advanced formulating methods to make sure that it absorbs as quickly as possible.  Fast absorption means fast relief, which is what everyone ultimately wants when using a topical.  Further, it means that you can expect all of those compounds to get beneath the skin’s surface for maximum effectiveness, without leaving an annoying residue behind during the process.

Long-Lasting for Hours of Relief

CBD topicals are known for offering long-lasting effects after application, and this is especially true when it comes to the Green Angel CBD Salve thanks to its bioavailable formula.  This means that you won’t need to constantly reapply the salve throughout the day in an effort to find relief.

Great for Localized Areas of the Body

What makes CBD topicals different from other types of CBD products is that they are for targeting localized areas of the body, rather than giving widespread effects.  This means that you can concentrate on one problem area, supplying it with cannabinoids and other plant compounds that remain centralized to the area of application for hours at a time.  Because of its localized approach, the area will be getting a uniquely high dose, as other delivery methods split the cannabinoids up between various bodily systems.

Lab-Tested to Ensure Exceptional Quality

Any legitimate hemp company nowadays knows that in order to prove yourself to consumers, you must have your hemp tested by a laboratory.  We take the testing process extremely seriously, not only because we want to prove our value to our customers, but also because we are committed to ensuring that each and every batch of hemp extract that leaves our facility is as pure, clean, high in quality and effective as possible.  This is why we send each batch off to a third-party testing facility, who analyzes the hemp and comes back with an unbiased certificate of analysis that we can share with our customers.

Ideal for Using with Other Green Angel CBD Products

It’s important to be aware that you can use our Green Angel CBD Salve with other hemp goods, as there is no risk of a negative interaction or dangerous toxicity caused by combining the two.  This means that if you’re already enjoying a daily routine with flower, CBD oil or some other type of delivery method, you can still use this salve daily along with it.

How to Use the Green Angel CBD Salve

Using Green Angel CBD Salve is extremely simple and intuitive.  Simply scoop out a small amount each day and apply it to the affected area of the body, massaging it fully until it absorbs into the skin.  You can use this product up to a few times a day if you wish, and it’s believed that daily use is ideal so that the CBD can work cumulatively.

Powerful Whole CBD Flower Extracted Hemp

The Green Angel CBD Salve is an expertly crafted formula made with all-natural ingredients and high-quality, lab-tested hemp extract that’s rich in cannabinoids as well as terpenes.  It’s the perfect topical formula for anyone looking for a more targeted approach to finding relief.

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