6 Benefits of Buying a Green Angel CBD Vape Cartridge

Green Angel CBD has always been committed since the beginning to providing our customers with the finest, cleanest, and most bioavailable CBD goods that the market has to offer.  We know, just like you, that not all hemp goods are created equally.  Further, we are well aware that each CBD user has their own specific goals, needs and preferences in mind, which is why we go above and beyond to provide a generous array of delivery methods and formulas for individual regimens.

Our CBD Vape Cartridge combines full spectrum hemp extract with a small number of trusted ingredients to provide you with the ability to inhale your daily dose of cannabinoids and other useful compounds found in the hemp plant.

What Exactly is a Green Angel CBD Vape Cartridge?

The Green Angel CBD Cartridge is the result of our years studying the hemp plant, what it’s capable of and how to best develop high-quality products using the finest organic plant material that one could get their hands on.  It works just like any standard cart that you may be used to in that it attaches to a vape pen, which allows the battery to provide heat to the coil, thus turning e-liquid into smooth and flavorful vapor.

The cartridge contains a full milliliter of e-liquid, which is a generous amount that will last for a quite a while compared to many of the smaller carts that are commonly found.  And the formula was developed thoughtfully to ensure maximum effectiveness as well as safety.

How to Use the Green Angel CBD Vape Cartridge

Using the Green Angel CBD Vape Cartridge is extremely simple.  First, you need to make sure that you have the right vaping device.  Standard CBD vape pens come with a 510-threaded attachment that’s compatible with this cart.  Screw the cartridge onto the vape pen and make sure that the device is powered on.  If your device uses variable output, make sure that you make the necessary adjustments to ensure that you won’t burn the e-liquid, or operate at such a low output level that the e-liquid doesn’t fully vaporize.

Now, to fire a hit, you can simply press on the firing button or pull on the mouthpiece, depending on how your device works.  Eventually, the e-liquid will run out of the cartridge, which you will clearly see when you notice that the juice is below the coil level.  When this happens, simply throw out the cartridge and attach a new one to the same device.

Note that if your cartridge suddenly seems to be hitting poorly, it’s likely that your battery needs to be recharged, and that there is nothing wrong with your cartridge.

6 Benefits of Choosing This CBD Cart for Your Hemp Vaping Needs

Now, let’s break down the various ways in which the Green Angel CBD Vape Cartridge is one of the best that the market has to offer today.

Organic, CO2-Extracted Hemp Extract

First, we use only the best hemp extract possible.  We start with organic hemp plant material, which is noted for being higher in quality and healthier for the body, as it’s free of pesticides, herbicides and other toxins that are commonly found in conventional soil.  Organic hemp also retains more of its chemical stability, which means more effectiveness overall.

We then run the hemp plant through the CO2 extraction process, which uses pressurized CO2 to separate the compounds from the plant.  What we end up with is a concentrated oil that’s high in desirable hemp compounds, which can then be added to a formula.  This CO2 extraction method is superior to other methods, as it promotes chemical stability for more effective compounds, and doesn’t rely on additives that can interfere with the purity levels of the end product.

Full Spectrum for a Powerful, Multi-Faceted Hemp Experience

Our carts are made with full spectrum hemp extract, which many believe is ideal.  Full spectrum hemp extract is the natural result of running hemp through an extraction process, as it retains the hemp plant’s entire chemical composition.  This means that each dose gives you a naturally high level of CBD, along with other useful cannabinoids like CBN, CBG and CBC.  The trace amount of THC (0.2%, to be exact) is within the legal limit and won’t get you high.  Additionally, full spectrum hemp contains an enormous array of beneficial terpenes and flavonoids that intensify cannabinoids’ effects while simultaneously providing more useful properties to the body.

Available in Various Milligram Strengths

As you likely know, how satisfied you are with your CBD vaping experience largely depends on how potent the e-liquid is.  Companies can call any e-liquid a “CBD e-liquid” if it contains CBD, but low amounts of CBD simply won’t be effective enough to produce results.  We know that potency matters, which is why we offer our cartridges in both 250mg and 500mg options.

Delicious, All-Natural Flavor

Many customers ask us what it is that we add to our CBD vape cartridge to make it taste so delicious.  It has a bold citrusy flavor that’s sweet and bright, and many describe it as fresh and uplifting.  They’re surprised to learn that we’re not using artificial flavors, sweeteners or fruit extracts to flavor these carts.  Its flavor comes solely from limonene, which is a naturally occurring terpene found in the hemp plant that gives cannabis its citrusy notes.  We infuse our CBD e-liquid with limonene not only because it tastes great, but because the body responds well to it.

Universally Compatible with Standard CBD Vape Pens

Further, we made sure that our CBD vape cartridge can be used with the best CBD vaping devices on the market.  That’s why we gave it a 510-threaded connection, which means that it’s universally compatible, as all standard vape pens on the market work with this type of connection.  This means that you can use extremely simple, user-friendly devices or high-end alternatives that come with lots of exciting features.

Fast-Acting and Highly Potent

One thing that we know about vaping CBD is that it offers the fastest-acting and most potent method for absorbing hemp compounds, and this is because of the way in which the lung tissue absorbs efficiently.  But, because of the various manufacturing methods we use, this is one of the most fast-acting and potent vapes on the market today.  Besides the fact that vaping CBD is unique anyway, we went out of our way to produce a super bioavailable product by ensuring that the hemp extract is as stable as possible, and that the compounds are fully intact throughout each step of creating this e-liquid.

Pure CBD Extracted from Fresh CBD Flower Delivered to Your Doorsteps Quickly

The Green Angel CBD Vape Cartridge is a pre-filled hemp e-liquid cart developed using the latest research and technology in order to ensure that it’s fully capable of supplying your body with bioavailable cannabinoids and other desirable compounds.  All that you need is a standard CBD vape pen to start experiencing all that it’s capable of.

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