Give Your Skin a Rejuvenating Feel with Green Angel CBD Salve

At Green Angel CBD, we’re constantly dreaming up and formulating new and effective ways to provide your body with the cannabinoids that it craves.  That’s why we’re so excited to introduce our Green Angel CBD Salve, which is a topical formula that packs a serious punch of natural plant compounds capable of offering relief in […]

6 Benefits of Buying a Green Angel CBD Vape Cartridge

Green Angel CBD has always been committed since the beginning to providing our customers with the finest, cleanest, and most bioavailable CBD goods that the market has to offer.  We know, just like you, that not all hemp goods are created equally.  Further, we are well aware that each CBD user has their own specific […]

Not All Water-Soluble CBD is Created Equally

If you’ve been a CBD user for a while, you know that the most popular product of all is CBD oil.  CBD oil is a highly versatile and uniquely bioavailable product consisting of hemp extract diluted in an oil.  While it’s extremely useful and beloved by many, it does have one limitation – it doesn’t […]

CBD Topicals: Blissfulness for the Mind and Body

For those who are just starting to get into CBD, you’re likely aware there are numerous unique delivery methods out there.  Each affecting the body in its own specific way.  Hence, sometimes choosing the proper delivery method based on your individual body, needs and goals can be a challenge.  However, Green Angel CBD is here […]

Should You Take CBD After Getting Back Surgery?

Anyone who is preparing for back surgery knows that getting through the actual surgical procedure is only half the battle.  Due to the invasive nature of back surgery coupled with the fact that we rely on our back for basically every bodily action, the recovery process following the procedure has the potential to be quite […]

Green Angel CBD and NYPD: The Real Truth

If you have been following Green Angel CBD for a while, you’ve likely heard about our run-in with law enforcement.  As you probably know, the fact that hemp and CBD products are legal in the United States doesn’t mean that it’s a stigma-free industry.  And, unfortunately, many authorities still don’t quite understand the differences between […]

Hemp bust, NYPD – The Battle We Will Fight

 I am sure if there is one thing we could agree upon it would be that CBD products have taken the health industry world by storm and are here to stay. They have become part of our lives and dramatically improved it with all the almost miraculous health benefits. Numerous conducted studies stand by it […]

Healthy Snacks, Sweets, and Treats Infused with CBD

chocolate chip cookies, CBD Oil In New York City, CBD Oil For Sale New York City, Green Angel

Need an easy, delicious and healthy way to add CBD oil into your diet? We’ve got you covered with four simple, quick and oh-so-good recipes that will do nothing to your waistline but will seriously help you chill out! CBD can be added into many of your already favorite, go-to recipes, oftentimes taking the place […]

How to Soothe Menstrual Cramps and PMS using CBD

CBD Oil In New York City, CBD Oil For Sale New York City, Green Angel

Period Pains? No Problem! How Full Spectrum CBD Can Help Ladies, listen up! Period problems can be no fun, we know this! From terrible mood swings, painful cramps, pounding headaches and aching backs, sometimes these symptoms can be unbearable. A whopping 75 – 90% of women who menstruate report that they suffer from at least […]

Full Spectrum CBD vs. CBD Isolate

CBD Oil For Sale New York, CBD Oil In New York City, Green Angel

What Is CBD? You hear and see the word everywhere nowadays. From oils, balms and creams to tea, chocolates and gummies, CBD is everywhere (some spas are even offering CBD facials). This super trendy chemical compound is the IT wellness product of the moment (your pets can even benefit from it); and for good reason! […]