History of CBD Oil and Green Angel CBD Oil NYC

The Founder of Green Angel CBD, John Dee, is a licensed recovery coach who now helps people recover from opiate, heroin or other similar drug addictions. And Green Angel CBD is a part of his undying efforts to do so. John’s history of helping people through moral support and practical CBD based products goes way back. He used to be an opiate addict himself when he had an epiphany that he is destined to do bigger things in life than just getting hooked on the opiate. When this realization hit him, he recovered from his addiction and embarked on a journey to help people recover as well. This is the reason that he decided to become a recovery coach.  When John was getting training to be a certified recovery coach, his trainer told him to find a holistic medicine that he can use to help his clients looking to recover from their drug addictions. This set John on a pursuit to finding the ultimate solution to take away the addiction and its painful withdrawal symptoms and turn them into something positive. After tireless searching for suitable organic medicine, John finally came across CBD. John believes in getting practical results, so he first decided to test whether CBD really works wonders or is it just another hoax? To check it, he went to a store to buy CBD worth of $80, and he gave it to people for free. After a while, John started to receive amazing testimonies; people told him how CBD helped them get off of their pain and anxiety medications. That was the time when John knew he had found the key to helping people recover from addictions and get rid of medicines for their chronic conditions. So without losing any time, John founded Green Angel CBD with a brick and mortar institute located in NYC and made his way into the natural medicine business. And after years of striving, he was awarded the title of “Number One Vendor of the Year.”